PhenixID Support


Solution Document

Solution Documents will help troubleshoot issues or change configuration. These articles are created by our support team. The PhenixID Solution Documents is regularly updated and refined to help make sure that you have access to the latest information.


Step-by-step guides will provide you with detailed instructions on configuring some of the most common use cases. This will give you a hint of what the products are capable and quickly get started.

Product Guides

Product Guides will help you to understand what you can do with PhenixID Server e.g. installing, configuring, customize, develop/integrate.

White Papers

White Papers will show specific implementations of where PhenixID solutions enable smart integration for organisations

Contact Support

Contact PhenixID support if you have a technical question or if you have found a bug. Learn more about how to sign a PhenixID support contract.

Nordic Edge products

PhenixID also supports some of the legacy Nordic Edge products.