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PhenixID is dedicated to providing normal business hours customer support to its customers. PhenixID has a great team of product and networking experts who can assist you with any issues you may encounter. At PhenixID, we strive to provide you with a positive experience with our products.

For Customers with support contract, please see Open a Service Request.

For Customers without support contract, please email
Note: PhenixID support can not guarantee when and if you will have an answer and there is no tracking of the service request

To be able to start troubleshooting a new issue in the best and most time effective way, PhenixID Support need as much relevant information as possible regarding the situation. This means that customer/partner has started the troubleshooting as well as collected relevant information such as configuration file/files and log file/files.

When reporting a bug via email to, type “Bug” in subject line, and add all relevant information like product name, version, steps showing how to duplicate the error.
Note: This will NOT initiate a service request.

For Support Contracts, please contact us at

PhenixID offers customers to sign Gold Support agreement

The agreement includes the following:
– Guaranteed response time
– Phone support
– Support via e-mail
– Access to the incident handling system
– Access to knowledge base
– Access to patches
– Information about upgrades, new versions and patches
Response time for Gold Support is 4 hours during normal business hours, weekdays 8-17