Release Notes
Identity Manager 5.1.2


  • Product: Identity Manager
  • Platform: Windows and Linux

IM Web 5.1.2 updates released on January 16th 2019

PhenixID Identity Manager 5.1.2 update improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

1. Create forms configured for browse show up in Main view

Browse create forms are not yet supported in Main view (but will be in an upcoming release). However if you have both Main and Browse view enabled then Browse create forms will show up in Main as a predefined search create form. This is now fixed and does not show up anymore.

2. Installer and now support new license format by default

The new license format *.p12, which replace *.dat format in IM (and all other PhenixID applications), is added to the installer and as default setting.

3. Many columns issue in result set view in Google Chrome and Safari.

If you have many columns in the result set then then the result set show up under left view. This is now corrected.

4. Predefined Searches using Run on Launch does not work

If you would like a predefined search to run during login so the result is presented for user then you can use Run on Launch. This did not work correctly in Main view. This is now corrected.

5. Disabled controls does not look ok in a form

This is now corrected.