Technical Release Notes
Identity Manager 5.2.1


  • Product: Identity Manager (IM)
  • Platform: Windows and Linux

IM Web 5.2.1 updates released on May 15th 2019

PhenixID Identity Manager 5.2.1 update improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

For upgrade instructions, please follow our best practice.
Upgrade from previous versions of IM than 5.1.0
– Upgrade from later versions of IM than 5.1.0

1. Improved performance for browse node in Main view

If you have configured browse nodes in nodes.json and have a large OU structure, IM might have responded slowly. The response time has now been improved. Also, when a user tries to expand an OU, an “in progress” image will be shown while IM is working, this is to enhance the user experience.

2. “I´m a human” at login page is now set to disabled by default

If you like to enable it again, please read PSD1112

3. Update and improvements for session timeout

Session timeouts have been working a bit differently depending if you are logged in and search for objects or edit and save object. This has now been corrected so that it works the same way in all scenarios.
There are two policies that are used for the session timeout (below values are default):
SESSION_TIMEOUT=30   (User will be logged out if no activity after 30 minutes)
SESSION_RUN_TIME=5    (Every five minutes IM will check if user’s session is timed-out)

4. Two new parameters added to the MultiListControl

MultiListControl, which is often used when managing groups, have two new parameters.

  1. Hide visible search. Default is false. – If value is true the search box will not be visible. With the setting below you could preload the left dialog box with a number of objects. For example, you like an admin to only have a number of groups to choose from.
  2. Initial, predisplay search query. – Add an LDAP query which will execute when the form with the MultiListControl is accessed. If above policy is set to true, then this LDAP query will run so the end-user only can choose from pre-populated list. If above policy is set to false, then the list will be pre-populated with the result from the LDAP search when the user first access the form, but the user can then choose to make another search in the search list instead.

5. New filter – Show only users for whom I am responsible

This filter is used to only show users in the search result that are member of groups that are connected to the logged in user’s admin group.
For more information, please read PSD1123

6. Improvements running IM on Windows server

When uninstalling IM on Windows, the IM service where not removed.
When installing IM on Windows, IM was not added to the Add/Remove programs list.
Both this issues are now corrected.

7. Unnecessary errors in log-file have been removed or fixed

Some unnecessary errors in im.log files have been removed or fixed.

8. Improvement to checkbox issues in the result set

It was not possible to check one or several check boxes to select several objects in result set in some scenarios. This has now been corrected.

9. Using combobox/dropdown incorrectly displays an info message

If a user for example tries to empty or write a value that is not in the dropdown list and tries to save, IM will now display an info message to the user, “Please select a value in the drop down list”. See below.

10. Update to combo box/dropdown list when mandatory

If a user tries to save a form and the mandatory check box is checked IM did not work as expected.
Lets say you have a IM form named ‘Mandatory Combo’ with an dropdown list/combobox control added with parameters, LDAP attribute ‘carLicense’ and the display name is ‘Nick name’

  1. If the control has a display value, in this case ‘Nick name’, the user will get a message saying: “Nick name” in “Mandatory Combo” is a mandatory attribute, it can not be empty.
  2. If no display name is configured a similar message will displayed. The attribute name will be used instead. “carLicense” in “Mandatory Combo” is a mandatory attribute, it can not be empty.

In earlier versions, the second part would not state the attribute name, it would have been left empty. This is now corrected.

11. New filter added – PostsavePopupFilter

New filter added – filter.PostsavePopupFilter

When creating or editing a form, sometimes you like a popup to appear when you click create, apply or save and close. The popup filter will run in post save, e.g. after the changes to the object has been committed.
For more information, please read PSD1125