Release of IM WEB 5.3.1

September 23rd 2019

PhenixID Identity Manager WEB 5.3.1 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

1. Predefined search and when no value is added

  • We changed the behavior regarding predefined searches when no value is added to a control (see images below, we will use company as an example to explain the update).
    IM used to handle a search with a control with no value differently if the control was touched or not, this is now changed.
    Below are examples of how it worked prior to IM 5.3.1.
    • If Company was touched (regardless if Company contains a value or not) then company=* would be added to the LDAP query.
      (Touch is when you add a value, when you just press Tab on the keyboard to move through the control or just click to enter the control.)
    • If Company was NOT touched, then no LDAP attribute and value for company was added to the LDAP query.
  • In IM 5.3.1 this is now changed so in the scenario where no value is added to a control, that control will not be added to the LDAP query.
  • In case you would like to only get users with a value in company we have added the support for wildcard using the character *. So if the user adds only * in Company then (company = *) will be added to the LDAP query.
  • Note. This change only affects string controls.

2. Custom Control support in Predefined search

Support to use custom controls in a predefined search form has now been added. We have had customer feedback to have this work with the single value select custom control for example.

3. Rendering update to views

Main view and Self Service view rendered Custom Controls differently in some cases.
This has now been corrected.

4. Multilist custom control update

Two corrections have been updated to the multilist custom control:

  1. If you had 2 or more multilist custom controls in the same form you would get an error.
    This has now been corrected.
  2. Multilist control would break when trying to manage an object where the backlink was broken.
    This has now been corrected.

5. Role selector update

Two corrections have been updated to the role selector

  1. If you had an LDAP query that included Swedish characters, IM did not support this. (for example carLicense=TestÖÄÅ)
    This has now been corrected.
  2. If you had two roles and the roles were configured to use different LDAP directories, you would get an error when changing role from within IM. (Settings -> Select role)
    This has now been corrected.

6. Developer Guide update

The Identity Manager Developer Guide has been update to match current version.

7. Log-file update

If you had encrypted values in and DEBUG enabled these values was displayed in clear text in IM system log-file.
This has now been corrected so they are kept encrypted.

8. IM/AAM filter update

New parameter added.
AAM_EDIT_TOUCH_ALL=true/false (default false)
If a value has one format in the database and is displayed in another format in the UI then IM/AAM filter would send the display value if the value was NOT touched. With this new parameter this can now be avoided.
Example. Date values are often stored in a rather complex format and displayed in a more user friendly format.
Link to PSD1063

9. Update to Multi-edit

The multi-edit feature in IM has been updated since the previous version did not work as expected.
1. This feature did not work at all in the main view in the previous version.
This has now been corrected.
2. Error handling in UI has been improved when users try to edit more than one object but have no forms to do so.
3. If you do a new install of IM we have added the policy
in as default setting. In previous versions the default value of the policy was false.

10. Update to PDF/Excel export custom control

The custom control to export data from an edit form has been rewritten. The UI is the same but admin configuration and code is new. If you have used this control in previous versions of IM you need to change to the new and updated control.
Read PSD1131 for more information.

11. Sort order for Predefined search

In previous versions the sort order of predefined searches have sorted on the name of the searches. A search called A1 was presented first and then B1, C1 and so on.
In IM 5.3.1 you can now decide the sort order searches using Sort Order component. See screen shot below.