Release of IM 5.4.2

June 8th 2020

PhenixID Identity Manager 5.4.2 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

1. Updates to LinkListControl

Update regarding the optional display text, for example * Select Company. If a value already exists and a user decided to select in an edit form * Select Company again, the value of of the attribute will be emptied/removed.
For more information, please read PSD1147
The full name of the custom control in question is se.nordicedge.controls.lists.LinkedListControl

2. UI updates to ImageManager control

Some look and feel UI enhancement has been made to the ImageManager custom control.
For more information, please read PSD1151
The full name of the custom control in question is se.nordicedge.controls.ImageManager.

3. Mandatory filter enhancement

The PSD describing how to configure controls to be mandatory, for example when creating users a manager must be defined, has been updated. Also the attached filter in the PSD is updated.
For more information, please read PSD1150

4. ldapServerStatus.jsp correction

The ldapServerStatus function lets you access the IM server to verify that connection between the IM server and the configured LDAP server(s) is working. This feature has not worked for some versions but is now corrected.

5. ThisDN enhancement

The ThisDN feature has been updated to support queries of any attributes that an object holds.

If you, for example, open a group and like to list only users that has a value in an attribute (e.g. carLicense) that match the value of an attribute on the group object (adminDescription). In this scenario an LDAP query could look like:

For more information about ThisDN, please read PSD1145

6. Updates to MultiList controls

Updates below affects the following three custom controls:
se.nordicedge.controls.lists.MultiListStringControl se.nordicedge.controls.lists.MultiListStaticStringControl

Sort order

In previous version the sort was AA, BB, CC, aa, bb.
This is now updated to AA, aa, BB, bb, CC

Attribute to execution on

In previous version the controls executed on the visible value in the control and not the value that would be stored. This is now change so the value to store is what the control will execute on.

Support added for more columns to MultiListStringControl

If you in the search result set like to present more columns than one, this is now possible. For example, both CN and Description can be available. This feature has been available for some time for the MultiListControl but not the two others.

7. UI enhancement

  1. If you get a message box in a form (Create or Edit) the Ok button in the dialog box is now connected to Enter on keyboard.
  2. In Create forms there where in some scenarios a scrollbar present. This is now corrected.

8. New filter – PSD1152

PSD1152 – Manage objects based on attributes from other objects.
Let say you have admins that need to manage users based on values on group objects. For example, one teacher needs to manage four classes and another teacher needs to manage three classes.
For more information, please read PSD1152

9. New IM view – SQL grid

This will add a new view to an IM role and show a grid of an SQL query.
For more information, please read PSD1153

10. LDAP(attribute), support for multi-value attributes added

In previous version LDAP(attribute) only supported single value attributes. Support for multi-value attributes is now added.

11. IM Configurator updates

Search dialog box enhancement

When using long LDAP query, especially if you copy and paste them to the search dialog box and Filter section, you sometime got scrollbars so you could not see the query. This has been resolved.

Managing Custom Control enhancement

  1. In the Custom Control Options dialog box and when you click View Bundled, the list of custom control to choose from, is now sorted.
  2. The View Bundled dialog box is now also bigger in size to get a better overview of the Custom Controls to choose from.
  3. The descriptions of the custom control has been updated to better map to PSD and is also available in the View Bundle dialog box.