PIP 6.0.0 Release Notes

March 3rd 2022

The new release of PhenixID Identity Provisioning (PIP) improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

Major changes

1. Logging

The logging is now made with log4j2, and the configuration have been moved from the configurator to the file log4j2.xml located in the main folder.

Before updating, we recommend that you note the log settings used today, since those won’t be available after updating to this version.

Read more in PSD1192.

New or updated features

1. Choose data source

In the dialog for choosing a data source, a column with data source category has been added. Also, a search field have been added to search for the data source.

2. Support for GLOBAL in data sources

When configuring a data source, some of the parameters now have support for global parameters, using GLOBAL(). The parameters for LDAP are Host IP/DNS, Admin DN and Password. The parameters for JDBC/ODBC are Database URL, Admin Name and Password.

3. Sort actions

The actions in the Configurator can now be sorted by Action Name.

4. Save config

When saving the configuration in the Configurator, the mouse cursor will change to the waiting cursor until the saving is done, to make the saving progress more visible.

5. Delete action and data source

The right click menu option to delete action or data source have been renamed to ‘Remove action’ and ‘Remove data source’.

Updated Actions

1. Compose and Generate User ID

Version 3.0
This is a totally new version of the action used to compose unique user ID’s, with new configuration parameters. This version of the action is more flexible than the old one. Read more here.

2. Match to LDAP Object

Version 3.2
New support for GLOBAL() in parameter ‘The DN for new objects’.

3. Run Policy

Version 2.4
When running the policy individually for each object, the list of session objects wasn’t updated with added or removed objects after the action was run. This has now been corrected so that any added or removed session objects will be reflected in the main policy after this action has run.

Deprecated Action

1. Compose and Generate User ID – DEPRECATED

Version 2.1
This version of the action to generate unique user ID’s have been deprecated. The action will remain for some versions of PIP, but no changes will be made to it. Instead, start using the new version of the action, described here.

Bug Fixes

1. Export to Excel

A dependency was missing in 5.4.0 which made the action malfunction. The dependency has been added in this version.

2. Run action and policy filter

If the value of a session attribute, used in a filter, was null the filter caused an error. This has been changed so that a null value will be treated as a regular empty value.

3. Debugging Run Policy

When debugging a policy step by step there could sometimes occur an error when running a ‘Run Policy’ action. This has now been fixed.


1. Java

Identity Provisioning is now tested and bundled with java 17.0.0_35 from Azul.

2. Updated dependencies

All dependencies in the /lib folder have been reviewed and some of them have been updated to new versions.

3. Upgrade verifications

Verify so there are no duplicate jar-files, as this might cause an unexpected behavior.

Compare /lib with /ext. If duplicates exists, make sure to keep the latest version of jar-files.

4. End of Support

Information about the oldest supported version can be found here.