PhenixID Server 2.2.0 – Technical Release Notes

PhenixID Server 2.2.0 update improves the stability, compatibility, and security of your solution, and is recommended for all customer installations.

Upgrading from an existing installation:


  • Store default behaviour. Changes written directly into the store file will not be picked up by the system until reboot.


  • Improved data input validation. Updated UI helps administrators configure the system in a more secure way, avoiding misconfiguration.
  • Updated logging in SAML authentications for simplified troubleshooting.
  • Events are now logged when a token is enrolled and revoked when possible.
  • Java scripts merged. Reduces ajax requests i admin UI with about 60%.


  • A number minor bugs were fixed, please contact PhenixID support for more information.
  • Dependency updates based on NIST CVE recommendations, contact PhenixID for complete list.

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