PSD1164 – Tab Parameters


  • PhenixID Identity Manager (IM) 5.5.0 or later


If you like to add data to a form that is NOT sent to the browser you can now do that using Tab Parameters. Example of this:

  • Connection parameters to an external user store. For example Connection account, password, server IP port.
  • Sending data to PIP Web Service. For example URL, account, password.

A common scenario is that you have a filter associated with the form that can use the values of the parameters added in Tab Parameter. (How to add filter and write a filter to use Tab Parameter, see the end of this document.)


Tab Parameters applies to Edit, Create or Predefined search forms.

  1. Open IM Configurator
  2. Click Tab Designer
  3. Open a form (Edit, Create or Predefined search forms.)
  4. Click Tools
  5. Click Tab Parameter
  6. Add parameters and values as:
  7. Click Save
  8. Click and exit form 

If you open the corresponding XML-file for your form you will find the following section:

Working with Filters

Adding a Tab External Filter

A Tab External Filter is a filter created by a developer. You can either get it directly from the developer or via another PSD.

Add the class-file in IM WEB and in IM Configurator

You need to add the filter to the file system so IM WEB can use it and so you can configure it from IM Configurator.

  • IM WEB, the class file should be copied to:
  • IM Configurator, the class file should be copied to:

Add class-file to a form

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Tab External Filters
  3. Add Filter
  4. Add class name (make sure you have copied the class-file(s)

Associate Tab Parameters to a filter (Developer)

This section is for a developer to understand how you can work with Tab Parameters in your code.

Tab Parameters are a complement to policies entered in the file. We recommend that you name your Tab Parameters with your full class name and then a specific name.


Many times you want to be able to set a policy in for the role or the whole installation, but then override the value for a specific form. We then recommend that you use the same name for the policy and the tab parameter, because you can then use any of these convenience methods in se.nordicedge.misc.Utils.

  String parameterName,
  String defaultValue,
  NEIDMgmtSession userSession,
  AppTabObject tabObject)
  String parameterName, 
  boolean defaultValue,
  NEIDMgmtSession userSession,
  AppTabObject tabObject)

The method takes the name of the parameter/policy, a default value in String to get a String value in return or a boolean default value to get a boolean value in return, the current NEIDMgmtSession and the AppTabObject for the form. The method will first search for a tab parameter with the given name, if not found it will search for a policy with the given name, and if not found it will return the default value.

An exempel of the usage is:


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