PSD1201 – Manage language


  • PhenixID Identity Manager (PIM) 6.1.0


With PIM 6.1.0 we introduce overlay using language. This menas that there will for English and Swedish be two language files for each language used. (PIM still support several language but for any other custom language file there will be only one file.)

For English and Swedish, when PIM starts a PIM native language file will be loaded. That language file is stored in the /application folder and will be replaced when you do an upgrade. It includes all language except what you configure inside your forms and predefined searches. All configuration that you do in forms or predefined search is, like before, stored in the language file in the /customer folder. It will not be overwritten when you do an upgrade.
When PIM reads the customer folder, the customer language file will be added. Any conflict will be replaced by the /customer language file and everything else added.

Way is this introduced? Previously we sometime change PIM core components, like the result grid. Since a new grid probably includes new terms a customer needs to add them manually to there existing language file. With overlay, this is not necessary anymore since it will automatically work since new terms are added to the application language file.

Languages in application folder

If you like to view the language files in the application folder they can be located here:


Languages in customer folder

The custom language files are stored, just like before, in:


Add new language

By default, English and Swedish language files are shipped with the product. If you like to add language to English or Swedish you update those files.
If you like to add a new language file you add that manually to your installation

How to add a new language

Let say you like to add Spanish language

  1. Open folder drive:\..\PhenixID\IM\customer\WEB-INF\lang
  2. Make a copy of the Swedish language file, sv.lang
  3. Rename the file to, for example es.lang
  4. Open the es.lang file
  5. Change the following line:
    1. NordicEdgeLanguageTitle=Svenska to NordicEdgeLanguageTitle=Spanish
  6. Save the file and restart the service
  7. Verify on the login page when you click Change language that Spanish is available.
  8. Go back to the es.lang file and start update all Swedish terms to Spanish. A good practice is that for each line the same amount of characters (+-5) should be used. Else the number of characters could look bad in UI.
  9. To update Swedish to Spanish example:
    1. Find Total records=Antal poster to Total records=Registros totales
    2. Do this for all other lines in the es.lang file.
    3. When done, restart PIM service and verify your new language-

Remove language selection in UI

  1. Open \\..\PhenixID\IM\customer\config
  2. Open for example
  3. Add policy DISPLAY_LANGUAGE=false
  4. You need to restart the PIM service.

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