PSD1127 – Export Action Packages from Database for use in Identity Provisioning 5.x


In Identity Provisioning 5.0.0 and later, the action packages are stored as .jar files in the file system, in contraire to previous versions where they were stored as binary content in the embedded database.

When upgrading PIP to 5.x from a version older than 5.0.0, the action packages needs to be exported from the database and the database should be cleaned from the action packages.

System Requirements

  • PhenixID Identity Provisioning 5.0.0 or later



Download the file below and unzip it.

Upgrade PIP to

Export Action Packages

Start Identity Provisioning Configurator and import the policies in the file above.

If you have had any additional action packages, besides standard and extended actions, run the imported policy ‘1. Export Action Packages’. This will export the action packages from the database and place them as jar-files in the folder /actionPackages/customer. Then restart the configurator and check that all your actions are available as they used to be.

Clean Database

Run the policy ‘2. Remove Action Packages from database’. This will remove the action packages from the database, since they are no longer supposed to be stored in the database.

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