Release Notes PhenixID Server 1.5.0


  • Product: PhenixID Server
  • Platform: Any supported

What’s New

The new version of PhenixID Server includes a number of improvements and new features.

New Features

  • Reporting module
  • RADIUS forward
  • CA improvements
  • Push support
  • Signing/PKI support
  • Create a valve that removes a specific multivalue property
  • Create a valve for Multivalue diff
  • Create a valve for property value mapping
  • Reporting module
  • OneTouch RADIUS Authentication
  • One Touch enrollment
  • One Touch SAML Authentication
  • Add support for RADIUS Vendor Specific Attributes
  • Add support for http file upload
  • Create RADIUS guide for One Touch
  • Add toggle button for all guides with RADIUS additional attributes
  • SAML SP internal Authentication
  • Registration module
  • Create new generic OTP by HTTP valve
  • Update last use status on tokens


  • Add “item_include_expr” to valve DumpItemsValve
  • When ERROR message in scenario and I fix it and click next the ERROR message should disappear.
  • Document possible languages for voice messages
  • OTP Admin – LDAP search panel – Add browse picker to add user or group to become delegated admin
  • Token tab – OTPAdmin – Update Synchronize behavior for HOTP (Hardware device)
  • Token tab – OTPAdmin – Update Synchronize behavior for TOTP (Hardware device)
  • Add support for one-time QR for token enrollment
  • PPSS Guide – Add support for PIN code
  • OTPAdmin – When adding a already added token, better info to end user.
  • Add display name to self Service
  • Add support for searchable attributes in Store API
  • Add virtual LINUX server question to Linux installer
  • Buttons in Scenario jumping around. Previous, Next, Cancel
  • Update Netsize sender to new API.
  • OTPAdmin – Update text for “Number of days OTPs are valid?”
  • OTPAdmin – Add default valid time for token to guide
  • Sort events by date in Prism-reports
  • Disable spell check in raw edit
  • Add list of enrolled devices/profiles to otpadmin pki extension
  • Add callback for telling backend that profile/service har been removed from device
  • Add property expansion to PropertyContainsValve
  • Support for PKI tokens in GetTokenExistsValve
  • Make software tokens synchronizable
  • New property valve – Remove values in multivalue
  • Add toggle button for all PIN code configurations in guides
  • Otpenrollment – add One touch enroll method
  • Add support for property expansion expressions with dotted keys
  • Valve to validate un/pw against internal user store (USERS)
  • Valve to Base64 encode String property
  • Add last used timestamp to (PKI) token and device
  • Add “Please wait” dialog
  • Refactor otpadmin onetouch enrollment


  • OTPAdmin – Wrong time showed when token is enrolled. See attachement
  • Session TTL does not work
  • Mask hashed otps in token when logged
  • Assignments/Devices does not use MPL store
  • OTPAdmin – End date when “Add software token” is not correct
  • Some characters are replaced in raw edit
  • Use existing device when enrolling multiple times for PKI/OneTouch
  • Self Service Scenario – First dialog box – Click Previous – Scenario hang
  • OTPAdmin – Hardware tokens always add “undefined”.
  • PhenixID Self Service guide
  • LDAP connection testing
  • Token counter is not updated during legacy token conversion
  • Bad characters in installer
  • All PKI tokens linked to a devices is assigned to the user that created the device
  • PostUidAndPasswordAndOTP internal http authenticator bug


Please read the instructions in documentation before upgrading to this version.