Step by Step – Prepare Yubikey token for PAS


This document describes how to prepare Yubikey tokens to be able to import them into PhenixID Authentication Server.

System Requirements

  • Access to the YubiKey tokens
  • “YubiKey Personalization Tool” has to be installed


Prepare the tokens

First of all the YubiKeys has to be re-programmed by using YubiKey Personalization Tool.

  1. Start the application
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. Make sure that “Log configuration output” has the value “Traditional format”
  4. Go to the OATH-HOTP tab
  5. Select which slot to configure (Configuration slot 1)
  6. Click “Generate MUI”
  7. Edit the OMP + TT so the value is “ub” and “nu” as showed in the image
  8. Click “Write Configuration” to start programming the tokens
  9. Set the output file name, ex: “my-tokens.csv”. This file will be used in the next step.

Convert the output to PhenixID format

The output file will now have to be converted to a format supported by the PhenixID server. Form version 2.8 of PhenixID server, a “Yubico formatter” is  included.

  1. Start the Test Tool (bin\testtool.bat)
  2. Go to the Yubico Formatter tab
  3. Select the Yubico log file, which was created in previous step, ex: “my-tokens.csv”
  4. Click Write file
  5. The file to import should now be stored at the same location as the input file, but with a yubico suffix, ex “my-tokens.yubico”.
  6. The file is now ready to be imported in the PhenixID server.

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