Identity Provisioning – Installation Guide



Installation media is provided through PhenixID support together with required license.



Minimum 1,5 GB (depends on size of data that will be processed in memory).


150 MB for application + additional space for log rotation.


These instructions will guide you through an installation on a Windows OS. The installation will be similar on a Linux OS.

  1. Double-click the provided installer to start installation.
  2. On the “Welcome to the PhenixID Identity Provisioning Setup Wizard”, click Next
  3. On the “License Agreement”, read the license agreement and select “I accept the agreement“, then click Next
  4. On the “Select Destination Directory”, click Browse… to select installation location or accept the default destination directory (e.g. on Windows C:\Program Files\PhenixID\Provisioning), then click Next
  5. On the “Select License File”, click Browse… to locate and select your license file. If you don’t want to select your license file, you can skip this step and manually copy the license file to folder /license in the Provisioning folder after the install. Then click Next
  6. On the “Select Start Menu Folder”, select if a start menu folder should be created, then click Next
  7. On the “Windows Service”, select if a Windows service should be installed or not, then click Next
  8. On the “Summary”, click Next
  9. On the “Completing the PhenixID Identity Provisioning Setup Wizard”, click Finish to end the Setup

Post installation

Please follow the administration guide for further guidance.