PSD1194 – Manage proxyAddresses


  • PhenixID Identity Manager 6.0.0 or later


This PSD describes how to manage proxyAddresses in an Active Directory and Exchange environment. The control will manage one or several mail addresses where you can select one address as primary.
You can also configure so another attribut can be updated. Example of this is when you select one primary address for proxyAddresses and that value also be updated in the mail attribut.

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Add custom control

  1. Open IM Configurator 6.0.0 or later and Tab Designer
  2. Add a custom control
  3. Add in Attribute name: proxyAddresses
  4. Select Syntax: String list
  5. Click Option for Custom Control
  6. Click View Bundled
  7. Select se.nordicedge.controls.lists.ExchangeMailAddressControl
  8. Configure parameters as you desire
  9. Save the custom control

Configure custom control

There are some parameters you can configure if you like the control to act differently than default.

Change the labels/text to you liking.

Extra attribute to save primary address
The value you select to be primary you can store in another attribute if you like. For example, you have as the primary in attribute proxyAddresses but you also like to store this value in mail.

Location of jsp page
If you like to use your own JPS-page you can do that.
By default the control uses \..\IM\application\jsp\CustomControlsexchangeMailAddress_im6.jsp

Test the custom control

  1. Log in as user in a role where the control is available
  2. Test the custom control

In below example we have configured the mail attribute to be updated if primary proxyAddresses changes.

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