PSD1130 – Bolagsverket Actions for Identity Provisioning


  • PhenixID Identity Provisioning 5.0.0 or later
  • Certificate with password for Bolagsverket
  • User ID for Bolagsverket


This document will describe the action that can be used to get company information from Bolagsverket.


Download and install the action package

Download the zip file:

For instruction of how to install the action package, read PSD1149.

Configure the action

The action ‘Bolagsverket – Add Data’ will make a web service call to Bolagsverket to get information for the given organization.

Version 1.4

The parameters for the action:

Parameter Description
Certificate File [Mandatory] The p12 file containing the certificate to use to connect to Bolagsverket. Supports GLOBAL parameters.
Certificate Password [Mandatory] The password for the certificate. Supports GLOBAL parameters.
User ID [Mandatory] The user ID for Bolagsverket. Supports GLOBAL parameters.
Organization Number [Mandatory] Your organizational number for connecting to Bolagsverket. Supports GLOBAL parameters.
Customer Name[Mandatory] Your customer name, used for connecting to Bolagsverket. Supports GLOBAL parameters.
Production (true/false) [Optional] If the production WS should be used (true) or the test WS (false). Default true.
Organization No Attribute [Mandatory] The session attribute that contains the organizational number for the company to search for.
Sleep in milliseconds [Optional] The time to sleep between each sessionobject, in milliseconds. Default: 0.
Error Message Attribute [Optional] The name of the session attribute that will contain the error message, if any. If no error, this attribute will be empty. Default: bolagsverketError.

Example values

Parameter Description
Certificate FileC:/Certificates/bolagsverket.p12
Certificate PasswordMySecretPassword
User IDmycompany
Organization Number162012123456
Customer NameMy Company
Production (true/false) true
Organization No AttributeorganizationNo
Sleep in milliseconds 100
Error Message AttributeerrorMessage

Result from the action

The action will create the following session attributes

  • bolagsverketPostadress
  • bolagsverketPostnummer
  • bolagsverketPostort
  • bolagsverketNamn
  • bolagsverketStatus
  • bolagsverketForetradareSvReg – List of representatives registered in Sweden
  • bolagsverketForetradareUtlReg – List of representatives registered abroad
  • bolagsverketForetradareOrg – List of legal entities

The action will also create session attributes where the representatives are divided into separate attributes depending on the type of representative. The session attributes will be named

  • bolagsverketForetradareSvReg-[type code]
  • bolagsverketForetradareUtlReg-[type code]
  • bolagsverketForetradareOrg-[type code]

An example is bolagsverketForetradareSvReg-of for Ordförande.

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