PSD1149 – Install additional action package in Identity Provisioning


There are multiple additional action packages for Identity Provisioning (PIP) available on our support site. This document describes how to install and update these action packages.

System Requirements

  • PhenixID Identity Provisioning 5.x or later



Download the zip file from the action package page and unzip the file.

Action Package

Copy the action package jar file from /actionPackages/customer in the zip file to /actionPackages/customer in your PIP installation.

External Dependencies

If the action package has any external dependencies, those jar files will be placed in /ext in the zip file. Copy those files from /ext in the zip file to /ext in your PIP installation.

Important! If you end up with duplicate jar files in the /ext folder, but with different version numbers, always save the ones with the highest version number and remove the rest.

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