Step by Step – Visma Severa – MFA PhenixID Authentication Services


This document will guide you through the steps to configure PhenixID Authentication Services to deliver multi-factor authentication to Visma Severa (

System Requirements

  • PhenixID Authentication Services 2.7 or higher


This instruction will describe how to setup Visma Severa with Active Directory SSO using ADFS. PhenixID MFA will be added to ADFS using the PhenixID ADFS MFA Adapters.

Setup ADFS and connect to Visma Severa

Use this instruction.

Add PhenixID ADFS MFA adapter(s)

Use this guide to add PhenixID ADFS MFA adapter(s).

Currently, PhenixID provides these adapters:

  • One-Time-Password (delivered by sms, email, hardware token such as yubico, software token such as PhenixID PocketPass, Google Authenticator)
  • PhenixID OneTouch mobile app
  • Swedish BankID
  • NetID Access by Secmaker


  • Browse to Visma Severa
  • Select ADFS
  • Login with the first factor
  • PhenixID MFA adapter(s) option should now be displayed
  • Choose MFA type
  • Authenticate
  • You should now be redirected back to Visma Severa.

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