PIM 5.5.0 – Release Notes

December 10th 2020

PhenixID Identity Manager 5.5.0 improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.

1. Dynamic filter for Multilist

When working with large search results or large target results we have now added a filter function to make it easier to find what you are looking for. The support is added to MultiList, MultiListString and MultiListStaticString.

2. Improved PDF/Excel export

The feature to export data of an object on a form has been updated with new features.
If you like to export multi-value data from an object, for example export all groups a user belongs to, this has now been added with new functionality. You can also use this with multi-edit if you have selected several users.
For more information, please read PSD1131

3. The Result Grid component is updated

The result grid is a major component in IM. This has been updated to a newer version.

4. DN.FILTER replaces two old filter

With this filter you can exclude (or include) any object with a specific name when doing searches and/or browse objects in browse. This filter is only available for the main view.
For more information, please read PSD1156

5. Filter for calculating values in an form

With this filter you can make calculations using numerical values from up to 10 text fields in the form. The result of the calculation will be placed in another text field.
For more information, please read PSD1155

6. Enhanced Linked list functionality

  • Support for type ahead has been added.
  • If you have a linked list in read-only mode it displayed the last value in the list and not the correct value. This has been corrected.
  • If the Linked list was to close to the bottom of the form the height of the drop-down very small. This has been corrected.
  • For more information, please read PSD1147

7. Updates to MultiListString control

Several updates have been added to MultiListString control, PSD1132

  • If you like to hide labels you can now add value NO_LABEL as label parameters.
  • Read-only view of state values has been added.
  • Support added to add more than one column for search and state views.
  • Scrollbars disappear when you clicked header, this has been corrected.
  • Sort is made by default of the first column in both search and target view.
  • If you added and removed objects in search and state list at the same time some changes was lost. This is now corrected.

8. Updates to SingleValueSelect

String support has been added
String support has been added to singleValueSelect so storage of values that do not have backlink now is possible.
For more information, please read PSD1161

If value exists then input box is locked
If a value exist for the singleValueSelect, the input box is read-only and the only way to remove the value is to use the X button in the control.

9. Improvement to predefined search

Some improvement has been done to predefined search.

  • Run two predefined searches in a row the second might be overwritten by the first. This has been corrected.
  • If you run a predefined search that will take a long time to finish and instead of waiting for the result you run a second search, the first search when done, will replace the second search.
    This has now been corrected.

10. New filter for date handling

Use case: When an employee is ending his/her employment an administrator check an “End employment” check box. The check box is configurable, using a filter, to set the date in accountExpires to X days ahead.
For more information, please read PSD1154

11. Look and feel update to Main view

More space has been added to view divider so characters in a selected predefined search is not hidden.

12. Correction to combo box (drop-down list)

  • If you have a combo box (drop-down list), select a value and then press Enter on keyboard you got an error if you did this using Internet Explorer. This has been corrected.
  • More space added to drop-down list. See picture below.

13. Prevent change of form if data has been changed

If a user change something in a form/tab and then click another form before saving the changed data, with this filter the user will be noticed (POPUP) that it has to take an action.
The user has 2 options:
* Click OK and the updated data is kept but the user must now click APPLY in the form before moving to another from.
* Click CANCEL and the changed data will be lost and the form will look like it did before the change
This can be useful if you have a restriction filter on a form that should not be visible/available if a specific value is set on an object.
For more information, please read, PSD1160

14. Improved tab support using IM without a mouse

The main buttons in a form has been improved with better tab support when using IM without a mouse. The button in question are:
Create form – CREATE
Edit form – APPLY and/or SAVE AND CLOSE and CLOSE
A number of controls have been updated with better support for tabbing.

15. Tab Parameters

If you like to add data to a form that should NOT send to the browser you can now do that using Tab Parameters. Example of this:

  • Connection parameters for an external user store. For example Connection account, password, server IP port.
  • Sending data to PIP Web Service. For example URL, account, password.

A common scenario is that you have a Tab External Filter added to the form that can use the values of the parameters added in Tab Parameter.
For more information, please read, PSD1164

16. New PIM Web Service client for PIP 5.2.0 REST Web Service

With PIP 5.2.0 there is a new REST Web Service added. If you like to use IM to send data to this new REST Web Service you need to use the client created for this version.
Note that the current SOAP Web Service client working with previous version of PIP (SOAP Web Service) is still available.
For more information, please read, PSD1162
Available training dates for PIM and PIP integration – 20200225

17. Updates when navigate in a form

Some updates has been made for how tabbing in a form works. E.g. using IM in a form without using a mouse.
For more information, please read, PSD1165

18. Link a form to specific predefined search

You have a number predefined searches. When you click an object in the result set the number of forms to be displayed and loaded are decided of available forms and if any tab restrictions exist.
In previous we have been asked if we can tab restrict av specific form to a specific predefined search. With IM 5.5.0 this is now possible using a new tab restriction java class filter.
For more information, please read PSD1166

19. Updates to Password custom control

Multi-edit support to ManagePasswordCC
The ManagePasswordCC did not support multi-edit scenario where you select several users and give them the same password.
This has now been corrected.

Support to have labels above or left to input fields
This control only supported to have the labels above the input fields. Now you can choose to have them above or left to the input fields.
For more information, please read PSD1072

20. Customise buttons in form

There are buttons in create and edit forms with a default text.

  • Create forms have two buttons, Create and Close
  • Edit forms have three possible buttons Close, Save and Close and Apply

If you like to changes the text on the buttons, for example Create should say Request instead, or hide some buttons. This is now possible.
For more information, please read PSD1168

21. displayName support added to nodes.json

In MAIN view you can add nodes from your LDAP tree. You can add several nodes from different places in your LDAP tree. In previous version the displayName for the end-user was the same as the name of the OU. In this version you can now have another displayName instead of the OU name.
For more information, please read PSD1103

22. Add custom value for “Clear” button in date control

In the date control a parameter has been added so the Clear button can have a value of your choice.
The support is added to the following control:

23. Skew parameter added to IM SAML Service Provider component

A time skew parameter has been added to accept time skew. Add minutes as value, for example 5 for 5 minutes. Default value is 0.
For more information, please read IMasSAML_SP